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Pacificsource Health Plans 2017

Introduction to PacificSource Health Plans in 2017

PacificSource Health Plans is a non-profit organization serving communities in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. With over 80 years of experience, PacificSource Health Plans is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of its members and the communities they serve. In 2017, PacificSource Health Plans continued its mission by offering a wide range of healthcare coverage options and benefits to its members.

PacificSource Health Plans: A Brief History

The history of PacificSource Health Plans can be traced back to 1933 when it was founded in Oregon as Pacific Hospital Association. The organization was established to help hospitals in the Pacific Northwest region collaborate and improve the quality of healthcare services by sharing resources, knowledge, and expertise. Today, it has grown to become one of the most respected health plans in the region, serving more than 300,000 members across four states.

Goals for 2017

PacificSource Health Plans set ambitious goals for 2017 aimed at improving its services, expanding its reach, and enhancing customer experience. One of the main goals was to increase enrollment and offer new healthcare coverage options. The company also aimed to expand its provider network to give members more choices when it comes to accessing healthcare.

In addition, PacificSource Health Plans sought to improve the quality of its services by increasing customer engagement, launching new wellness programs, and leveraging technology to provide a more efficient and seamless experience for its members.

To achieve these goals, PacificSource Health Plans invested heavily in its infrastructure, workforce, and technology systems. The company also partnered with other healthcare providers and stakeholders in the industry to increase its capacity to deliver high-quality healthcare to its members.

PacificSource Health Plans 2017 Achievements

By the end of 2017, PacificSource Health Plans had made significant progress towards achieving its goals. The company successfully expanded its coverage options by offering new and affordable healthcare plans to individuals and families. This included the HSA Health Plan, which was designed to help members save money on taxes while still enjoying quality healthcare services.

Moreover, PacificSource Health Plans expanded its provider network to over 16,000 healthcare providers, giving members access to quality healthcare services across the four states it serves. The company also launched a mobile app that made it easier for members to access healthcare information, schedule appointments, and communicate with their healthcare providers.

One of the highlights of PacificSource Health Plans’ achievements in 2017 was its strong commitment to improving member experience through customer engagement and innovative wellness programs. The company launched a wellness program called Prime Time Health that was aimed at promoting healthy living and preventing chronic diseases among its members.

PacificSource Health Plans’ commitment to improving its services and providing high-quality healthcare to its members is evident in its achievements in 2017. The organization’s focus on innovation, customer engagement, and expanding its reach has been a key factor in its success. As we move forward, PacificSource Health Plans continues to set the bar high when it comes to providing quality healthcare services to the communities it serves.

PacificSource Health Plans 2017 Coverage Options

PacificSource Health Plans offered a range of health insurance options to individuals, families, and groups in 2017. Let’s take a closer look at some of the plan options, including individual and family plans, Medicare, Medicaid, and group plans.

Individual and Family Plans

PacificSource Health Plans offered several individual and family health insurance plans in 2017. These plans were available on and off the health insurance marketplace. On the marketplace, individuals and families could choose between bronze, silver, gold, and platinum plans. Each plan option provided different levels of coverage and cost-sharing, depending on the policyholder’s needs and budget. The plans on the marketplace also provide help in accessing subsidies for those who qualify.

Off the marketplace, PacificSource Health Plans offered several health insurance options for individuals and families. Some of these plans included the “SmartChoice”, “SmartChoice Life”, “Legacy Deductible Savings”, and “Heritage Plus” plan options. Each plan had similar coverage options to those offered on the marketplace but with slightly different options for its subscribers.

PacificSource Health Plans’ individual and family plans offered a range of benefits, including outpatient care, preventative services, prescription drug coverage, and more.

Medicare Plans

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for those who are 65 or older or have a qualifying disability. PacificSource Health Plans offered Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplement plans to its subscribers in 2017.

With Medicare Advantage plans, PacificSource Health Plans worked with the Original Medicare network to cover medical coverage, prescription drug coverage, and additional benefits like dental care. In contrast, with the Medicare Supplement plans, subscribers can have access to or get coverage on services which are not usually covered by Original Medicare.

Medicaid Plans

Medicaid is a program that provides health coverage to low-income individuals and families. PacificSource Health Plans worked with the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) and the Montana Medicaid program to provide managed care services for those who are eligible.

Group Plans

PacificSource Health Plans offered employer-sponsored health insurance plans for groups of two up to over hundreds of employees. With the group plan options, businesses could choose between exclusive provider organizations (EPO), preferred provider organizations (PPO), and health maintenance organizations (HMO) plans. Each plan’s structure provided varying degrees of coverage and medical networks.

Other Offerings

In addition to its health insurance plans, PacificSource Health Plans had life insurance coverage and dental plans at an additional and optional cost, which complemented their existing health coverage.

PacificSource Health Plans continues to offer several health insurance options to its subscribers in 2021 with enhancements to their plans’ coverage for telehealth options and expanded coverage in rural areas.

PacificSource Health Plans 2017 Benefits and Features

When it comes to selecting a healthcare provider, benefits and features play a vital role in determining which plan suits individuals the best. In 2017, PacificSource Health Plans offered an array of benefits and features that catered to the needs of its customers. Here is a rundown of some of the features and benefits that were offered by PacificSource Health Plans in 2017:

Wellness Programs

It is no secret that promoting a healthy lifestyle can result in a host of benefits, from reducing chronic diseases to overall mental and physical well-being. PacificSource Health Plans recognized this fact and offered various wellness programs to its customers in 2017. These programs were designed to help individuals take charge of their health by providing different resources that supported healthier living. The wellness programs included free preventive care, gym membership discounts, and health coaching.

Mobile Apps

With technology becoming a standard part of daily life, it is no surprise that healthcare companies are taking advantage of this trend to better serve their customers. PacificSource Health Plans offered mobile apps in 2017 that allowed for easy, convenient access to one’s healthcare plan. Customers could download the app and get access to their insurance ID cards, claim status, and more from their smartphones.


One of the most significant benefits of living in the digital age is that individuals can access healthcare without having to leave their homes. PacificSource Health Plans understood the importance of this service and offered telemedicine options in 2017. Customers could take advantage of virtual consultations with doctors and other healthcare professionals from the comfort of their own homes. This service saved individuals time and money by avoiding in-person visits and minimized the spread of communicable diseases.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

PacificSource Health Plans recognized the need for financing healthcare costs, which can be a significant burden for many individuals. One of the ways the company addressed this issue was by offering Health Savings Accounts (HSA) in 2017. Customers could set aside a portion of their money in an HSA that accrued tax-free interest. These funds could be used to cover eligible healthcare expenses.

Disease Management Programs

Individuals that are living with chronic medical conditions need extra support to better manage their health. PacificSource Health Plans recognized this need and offered disease management programs in 2017. These programs were designed to assist individuals with chronic diseases to better manage their condition and improve their overall health. The disease management programs included support from healthcare professionals, medication management, and coordinated care strategies.

PacificSource Health Plans offered an excellent range of benefits and features to its customers in 2017. The company recognized the importance of offering innovative services and programs to better support individuals’ health and well-being. Moving forward, PacificSource Health Plans will continue to offer benefits and features that cater to the evolving needs of its customers.

PacificSource Health Plans 2017 Network and Providers

When choosing a health insurance plan, one of the most important factors to consider is the network of health care providers that are available. PacificSource Health Plans had a wide variety of partners available to their customers in 2017.

Hospital Networks

PacificSource Health Plans worked with many of the top hospitals in the Pacific Northwest, providing their customers with access to quality care close to home. Some of the hospitals that were included in their network in 2017 were:

1. Providence Health & Services

Providence Health & Services is a not-for-profit health system that operates 51 hospitals and more than 800 clinics in Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. PacificSource Health Plans partnered with numerous Providence Health & Services hospitals in 2017, such as Providence St. Vincent Medical Center and Providence Portland Medical Center.

2. Legacy Health

Legacy Health is a non-profit health system with six hospitals, a children’s hospital, and numerous clinics and outpatient services in Oregon and southwest Washington. PacificSource Health Plans partnered with Legacy Health in 2017, providing access to hospitals such as Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center.

3. Oregon Health & Science University

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) is a public academic health center located in Portland, Oregon. PacificSource Health Plans partnered with OHSU in 2017, providing its customers with access to OHSU Hospital, which is the only academic medical center in Oregon.

Clinic Networks

In addition to partnering with hospitals, PacificSource Health Plans also partnered with numerous clinics in 2017. These clinics provided a range of services, from primary care to specialty care. Here are a few of the clinics that were included in their network:

1. Bend Memorial Clinic

Bend Memorial Clinic is a multispecialty medical clinic located in Bend, Oregon. PacificSource Health Plans partnered with Bend Memorial Clinic in 2017, giving their customers access to a wide range of services, including primary care, pediatrics, dermatology, and obstetrics and gynecology.

2. The Corvallis Clinic

The Corvallis Clinic is a physician-owned, multi-specialty clinic located in Corvallis, Oregon. PacificSource Health Plans partnered with The Corvallis Clinic in 2017, providing access to primary care, specialty care, and urgent care services.

3. Summit Medical Group Oregon

Summit Medical Group Oregon is a multispecialty medical group with more than 120 providers in the greater Bend, Oregon area. PacificSource Health Plans partnered with Summit Medical Group Oregon in 2017, giving their customers access to a wide range of services, including primary care, pediatrics, cardiology, and gastroenterology.

Dental Networks

In addition to its medical networks, PacificSource Health Plans also partnered with numerous dental networks in 2017. These dental networks provided their customers with access to quality dental care. A few of the dental networks that were included in their network were:

1. Delta Dental

Delta Dental is a leading provider of dental insurance in the United States. PacificSource Health Plans partnered with Delta Dental in 2017, offering their customers access to a network of more than 140,000 dentists nationwide.

2. Willamette Dental Group

Willamette Dental Group is a not-for-profit dental insurance provider headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon. PacificSource Health Plans partnered with Willamette Dental Group in 2017, providing their customers with access to quality dental care throughout the Pacific Northwest.

PacificSource Health Plans partnerships ensure its customers have access to top-notch health care providers across the Pacific Northwest. In combination with their other coverage options and benefits, it’s no surprise that PacificSource Health Plans is a popular option for those seeking quality health insurance coverage.

PacificSource Health Plans 2017 Consumer Reviews

When it comes to choosing a health insurance plan, consumer reviews are often one of the most valuable sources of information. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at what customers had to say about their experiences with PacificSource Health Plans in 2017.

One of the key metrics for any health insurance company is customer satisfaction. According to reviews collected by the independent website, PacificSource had an overall satisfaction rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars in 2017. While this is a relatively positive score, it’s worth noting that it’s lower than some of the company’s competitors in the Pacific Northwest region.

Rates and Affordability

One recurring theme among PacificSource customer reviews was the affordability of the company’s insurance plans. While some customers praised the reasonable rates offered by PacificSource, others expressed frustration at rising premiums and co-pays.

One factor that may have contributed to these concerns is the shifting landscape of health care regulations at the time. For example, in 2017 the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was still in effect, but changes were being proposed by the Trump administration that could have impacted health insurance rates for many Americans.

Customer Service and Support

Another area where PacificSource received mixed reviews from customers was in the realm of customer service and support. On one hand, some reviewers praised the company’s knowledgeable and helpful representatives, describing them as friendly and responsive. On the other hand, other customers had negative experiences with PacificSource’s customer service, citing long wait times, unhelpful employees, and difficulty resolving issues.

This kind of variance in customer experiences is relatively common in the health insurance industry, which is known for its complex regulations and paperwork. However, it’s important to note that PacificSource has made efforts to improve its customer service in recent years, including investing in new tools and technology to streamline the claims process.

Coverage and Benefits

When it comes to the specific coverage options and benefits provided by PacificSource in 2017, reviews from customers were generally positive. Many customers appreciated the range of health care services covered by PacificSource plans, including preventative care, mental health services, and prescription drug coverage.

However, some customers also reported difficulty finding in-network providers or navigating the company’s network policies. This is a common issue with many health insurance providers, and PacificSource has since expanded its provider networks to make it easier for customers to find care.

Customer reviews of PacificSource Health Plans in 2017 reflect the ups and downs of the health insurance industry as a whole. While some customers had positive experiences with PacificSource’s rates, coverage, and customer service, others were less satisfied with certain aspects of their plans.

However, it’s worth noting that the majority of reviews were either positive or neutral in tone, indicating that many customers found PacificSource to be a reliable provider of health insurance. As the company continues to evolve and adapt to changing regulations and customer needs, it’s likely that consumer reviews will continue to play a key role in shaping its future.

After reviewing PacificSource Health Plans coverage, benefits, network, and customer reviews for 2017, there are several key takeaways to consider.

Choose the Right Health Plan for Your Needs

With a variety of health plan options available such as individual and family plans, Medicare, Medicaid, and group plans, it is important to choose the one that suits your specific healthcare needs and budget. PacificSource Health Plans offers different coverage and benefit levels, and some plans may have more or less flexibility when it comes to choosing healthcare providers.

Take Advantage of Wellness Programs and Features

PacificSource Health Plans offers a variety of wellness programs and features, such as telemedicine and mobile apps, designed to help you stay healthy and manage medical conditions more effectively. By taking advantage of these resources, you can take a proactive approach to your health and potentially avoid more costly medical treatments down the line.

Consider Customer Reviews and Satisfaction Ratings

When considering PacificSource Health Plans or any health insurance company, it is important to read customer reviews and satisfaction ratings to gauge the overall experience other customers have had. PacificSource Health Plans received positive feedback from customers in 2017, with many praising the company’s affordable rates, customer service, and reliable coverage.

Partner with a Comprehensive Network of Healthcare Providers

PacificSource Health Plans partnered with a broad network of healthcare providers in 2017, including hospitals, clinics, and doctors, giving you more options for your healthcare needs. Consider the healthcare providers within PacificSource Health Plan network to ensure they are the right fit for you and your family’s needs.

Regularly Review Your Health Plan and Coverage

As your healthcare needs change, it’s essential to regularly review your coverage and health plan to ensure you have the right coverage for your current situation. PacificSource Health Plans offers different options for your evolving healthcare needs, so it’s important to adjust coverage as needed.

Wrapping Up Our Thoughts on PacificSource Health Plans 2017

PacificSource Health Plans provides a comprehensive and affordable health insurance option for people living in the Pacific Northwest. The company offers innovative wellness programs and features and partnered with a wide range of healthcare providers, giving customers access to quality healthcare. With solid customer reviews and satisfaction ratings, PacificSource Health Plan could be a great choice for your healthcare needs. Be sure to review your options with the help of a reputable insurance broker to make sure you’re getting the right coverage that matches your unique healthcare needs.


In conclusion, PacificSource Health Plans in 2017 offered a range of coverage options with various benefits and features to suit the needs of their customers. The company partnered with health care providers to provide an extensive network for its customers. PacificSource Health Plans also received positive customer reviews, indicating its commitment to quality health insurance services.

The flexibility of PacificSource Health Plans individual and family plans allowed customers to choose from different deductible levels and copay options. Medicare Advantage Plans also offered extensive coverage options, including prescription drug coverage and wellness programs. Customers had access to mobile apps to manage their health care and telemedicine services for virtual consultations.

PacificSource Health Plans partnered with a wide network of providers to ensure customers had access to quality health care. The company’s partnerships included hospitals, clinics, and doctors throughout the Pacific Northwest. The plan’s provider network provided customers with the freedom to choose the health care provider they preferred while maximizing their benefits.

Customer reviews indicated that PacificSource Health Plans provided quality customer service and affordable rates. The company’s customer-focused approach, commitment to quality health care, and easy-to-use mobile apps made it an attractive choice for many customers.

In conclusion, PacificSource Health Plans provided customers in 2017 with extensive health insurance options that catered to their unique needs. PacificSource Health Plans’ focus on quality care and customer service, along with easy-to-use mobile apps, made it a desirable choice for many consumers. This review recommends PacificSource Health Plans as a top health insurance provider for 2018 based on its past successes and continued commitment to quality health care services.